How to Know If a Guy is Interested in You Or Not? Here is How to Read His Mind Within Seconds

Published: 01st September 2010
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All young girls secretly desire they had a boyfriend the day they entered their teens. It is this impulsiveness that causes heartbreaks and heart aches when girls are most vulnerable both mentally and physically. If you wish you had a guy who dotes on you and makes you feel special then look for these seven signs that will tell you for sure that he is interested in you.

He looks you in the eye
When a guy genuinely likes you and has no hidden agenda he will look you in the eye and speak to you. He will be the first to come up to you and introduce himself. He won't rely on his friends for an introduction but will do it himself.

He likes to be close to you
If the guy in question generally hangs around you and is always in your vicinity then he is making a conscious effort to attract your attention. He will make sure that you are aware of his whereabouts and where you can reach him. He may also join your group or befriend your close pals.

He dresses well and never has a bad hair day
You notice that the guy is always presentable when he meets you. He never seems to have a bad hair day and his cologne never runs out of stock then it is a sure sign that he is doing all this for you to take notice.

He maintains his distance
Unlike other guys that are only interested in a physical relationship this guy will not attempt anything physical unless you initiate it. He keeps a dignified distance and is the perfect gentleman. Well, either he is too decent or he is saving his naughtiness till you become lovers.

Always ready to help you
Your guy is ever ready to help you. When you realize that you can count on him to bail you out of tricky situations then it only means that you have a special place in his heart. He will go out of his way and help you without expecting that you return the favor.

He is protective
The guy is willing to stand by you in your times of crisis and backs you all the way even at the cost of annoying his buddies. He speaks fondly about you to your friends and family and is generally well behaved when you are with your girlfriends. Well, do you need further proof that he is interested in you.

Sex is the last thing on his mind
Even when the two of you are alone he does not attempt something adventurous and just hold your hands. He offers to drop you home and shows interest in meeting your folks then it is a sign that he is looking for a long term relationship with you.

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