How to Keep Your Man Wanting More! Here is How to Trigger His Mind to Keep Endless Attraction

Published: 01st September 2010
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It's one thing to get a man to fall for you but it's another thing to keep him wanting more. It is never really about a beautiful face or a supermodel body. That is the biggest misconception fed by all the those women's magazines and all the media hype that goes with it. Keeping a man wanting more entails so much more than that. If you want a man to keep wanting more, read on.

Develop your self -confidence. Men do not like women who constantly need to be reassured about how much they are loved and wanted by their men. Eventually, they get tired of having to reassure their women at every turn and end up looking for someone else. If you want to keep your man, acknowledge your strengths and work on improving your weaknesses and he is certain to keep on wanting you more.

Work at always being attractive to him. Women tend to let themselves go once the men in their lives commit to them. This is the biggest mistake a woman can make and it is a mistake most women make. Take pride in the way you look and make sure you are always looking your best even if you are just lounging around at home and he will most certainly take pride in you.

Do not make your man the only reason you are living because that is not only unhealthy but is also unappealing to most men. Men appreciate women more when they have a social life apart from their men. A woman who has a social life and who appreciates life is less likely to be obsessive about her man and therefore will be less clingy.

Moreover, women who have a life apart from her man is most likely to be a more balanced and emotionally healthy individual than those whose lives revolve around their men.

Do not be afraid to experiment and try new things because surprises keep the relationship more interesting. It is the excitement and the thrill of discovery that makes a man want to be with his woman more. Learning new things about his woman and discovering her little quirks is what endears a woman to his man all the more.

And do not be afraid to learn new things with him because it is the discovery of things that you may and do enjoy together that makes the relationship stronger and more satisfying.

Most important of all, you must love and respect yourself. You cannot expect anyone, much less your man to love and respect you if you yourself have no respect nor love for yourself. And you have to love and respect him just as much as you love and respect yourself. That is the best way to make him love you.

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