How to Keep Your Man Excited in Your Company! Here Are the Tricks Every Woman Should Learn

Published: 01st September 2010
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Relationships could become boring at times. You do the same thing day in and day out. It is like going to school where you study the same boring lessons with the same boring teachers five times a week. If your relationship has reached this point you need to do something to spice it up. Your man might "die" from boredom. And where will that leave you? Alone and lonely.

Be imaginative. Think of something that would excite your man. "Excite" here does not necessarily mean sex. Excite here could be any activity that would bring motivate, enliven or stimulate your man. If your man is a ballgame enthusiast, buy tickets to watch his favorite basketball team. Tell him that you have a surprise for him. He'd be on edge all day thinking about you and your surprise.

Play sexy. Shed down your inhibitions and do something sexy for your man. Buy the black lingerie that you have been eyeing for some time now and wear it especially for your man. Call him up and tell him that you can't wait to see him later. If he asks why, tell him to set himself up for the best sex experience ever. Don't disappoint him! Play the part.

Praise, always praise. Tell your man that you are so lucky to have him. Give him an ego boost once in a while. It is important that he knows that he is appreciated. Your man needs to know that he is strong, capable and good looking. Women like to be complemented. Men do too. Your compliments would definitely keep up his confidence and "feel good" state.

Call up your man and talk "dirty". Talking dirty does not have to be downright trash. You can choose the words to use so as not to sound too cheap to your man. However, you know your man quite well enough to tell what words you can and cannot use with him. The goal here is to excite your man sexually.

Plan a surprise birthday party. Keep your man happy and excited by making him feel important. Go out of your way in planning a surprise birthday for him. You have the option to invite his friends and family or the party could involve only two persons - you and your man. Plan accordingly. Make sure it's extra special for him.

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