How to Keep Your Man Excited & Eager to Be Around You! This Will Keep Him Glued to You

Published: 11th August 2010
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If you really love your man you would want to keep him satisfied and excited so that he does not even look at another woman. What you can do is follow these tips and learn to keep your man in a state of intense excitement and satisfaction so that he has eyes for you and you alone!

Don't get into a set routine
This can be dangerous. A man should want to come home to a place of love, joy, excitement and peace. Getting into a routine that is dull and boring will make him want to stay away more and more. Make your relationship really interesting and fresh by keeping the romance alive and he will stay excited.

Be imaginative and creative
A man needs to be physically and mentally inspired. Be innovative and spontaneous. Show him how much you love him daily and he will love it. You don't need to be affectionate only at home. In fact if you hug and kiss him in front of others it will make him feel even more loved.

Be as sexually appealing as possible
Do you remember how you took care of your appearance and your body before you landed your man? Well take the same interest (if not more) to look as gorgeous as ever. If you appeal to him sexually as well as mentally, he will stay excited.

Find new ways of complimenting him
Let your comments and gestures be genuine and from the heart. Buy him little gifts to let him know that he is close to your heart and above all how much you appreciate having him in your life. Boost his ego and pamper him. How can he not be excited and satisfied by being in a relationship with you?

Find time for intimacy
Too many women lose the love of their men because they get too busy with other things. When a man knows in his spirit that he no longer has the first place in his woman's heart, he will begin to lose interest and will no longer be excited. Find time for him and for being truly intimate with him. Seduce him and he will be very excited aboiut coming home to you each night.

Don't be predictable
Nothing is more irritating than coming home to a woman who is so predictable and boring that he can guess what she is going to say and do even before she does it! Be bold, and change those dry and boring habits. Surprise him by becoming more stylish, charming and sexy - in attitude and looks! He will be pleasantly shocked and excited by the change.

Pay attention to details
Being with your man for so long will give you all the information you need to know what keeps your man excited, happy and satisfied. Don't get lazy and lethargic where your man is concerned. Take care to satisfy his smallest needs and help him to stay de-stressed and relaxed in your company. This way you can have many exciting moments together.

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