How to Keep Your Boyfriend Interested? Do This and Your Boyfriend Will Never Lose Interest in You

Published: 01st September 2010
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It's a wonderful thing to be dating someone and feeling on top of the world. But when your boyfriend begins to lose interest in you and starts to pull away, you can find yourself full of fear wondering if you were going to be dumped. To stop this from happening, all you have to do is to keep your boyfriend interested in you. These points below will help you in holding on to your guy.

Admit that you have a good thing going
You have to first realize that your present relationship with your boyfriend is one of the best things that ever happened to you. Once you do that you will do your best to hold on to him with all your heart. You cannot afford to be careless and half hearted about it.

Make your boyfriend know that you are the best thing for him
Do all you can to make your boyfriend appreciate you and what you are to him. Be there for him in every way and he will depend on you more and more. Show him that you care in different little ways and his interest will never wane.

Don't ever take him for granted
Have you paid attention to the things he does for you? And more importantly, have you told him lately that you love him? If you haven't it could make him feel that you are taking him for granted and that will not only hurt him but make him lose interest.

Don't get into a rut
If your relationship and dates get boring it is only natural that your boyfriend may develop "roving" eyes and look for excitement someplace else. Make sure your dates are exciting and stimulating. Insist on finding new places and new things to do - it will keep him interested.

Don't try to prove you are smarter
Granted that men like girls who are smart and not dumb! But a girl who keeps trying to prove that she is more intelligent than her boyfriend will not keep him for long. No guy likes to be shown up - and that too by a girl.

Be his cheerleader
A boyfriend usually expects his girl to be there as a constant support. If you pamper the guy and cater to his whims and fancies he is bound to love it! Don't ignore him or his interests.

Don't be a wimp
No matter how much a guy likes his girl to bow to his wishes, he also admires a girl with spirit and who knows her own mind. If you don't show him that you have a mind of your own he might end up treating you like a doormat!

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