How to Keep My Husband Satisfied & Make Sure He Never Leaves You! Know This Right Now

Published: 11th August 2010
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Marriages need a lot of hard work. Sometimes the hardest job is to just keep yourself from strangling your husband. But if you want to keep your marriage functioning well then you have to keep your husband satisfied... That way you can be happy too and function in peace. Here are a few things that you can do to keep your man satisfied and have your way.

Take care of the sex
One of the things that goes for a toss is sex when you have been married for a long time. Women get so involved in their role of a wife, career woman, mother etc that she hardly has the time to think about what's happening to her sex life. The key to keeping your husband satisfied is by treating him as a "man" first and keeping the sex alive.

Look at the way you look
You were a gorgeous beauty when you got married and have morphed into a frump in no time. Whenever he sees you, you are in worn out clothes doing some chore or the other. Give this a break and take care of the way you look. It will make him feel special and satisfy his male ego.

Chalk out "his" time
Husbands need to work and help around the house. But don't be a dictator and take his alone time form him just because he has to take the garbage out. Work things out about his time that he needs to dedicate to his family and let him have his "man time' guilt free.

Don't nag all the time
Don't go on and on about problems at work, issues at home, children etc all the time. These will just let frustrations build up within you and will make you nag him. Men hate it when women go on and on about a particular thing. So take a break and chill.

Avoid events you know he hates
Why do women have to drag men to events they know their husbands hate beyond endurance? It might be an occasional thing but give it a miss if your husband gets annoyed or go alone. Your husband will be much more satisfied and happy if he knew that you would be flexible for him.

Share responsibility
Don't dump all responsibility on him if something goes wrong. Make sure you function as a team and that he has a say in this team. Sharing responsibility will take a huge load off him and will make your unit function better.

Don't be an emotional wreck
Have some control over your feelings and emotions. Being with an emotional wreck can be severely disturbing so take charge of your emotional breakdowns.

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