How to Keep Him Interested! Here Are the Secrets Which Will Keep Him Addicted to You

Published: 01st September 2010
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If you really love your man and want to make sure that you do the right things to keep his interest, then read on. Today, women all over the world are doing their best to have the most voluptuous body, the firmest abs and the shapeliest legs in an attempt to keep their men crazy over them.

However, it has been proved time and time again that just a beautiful body is not the answer! The following tips will help you to keep your man interested in you always.

Let him know you love him
Your attitude speaks volumes. Be confident of your love and what you have together. Let your man always know that you love him no matter what. If your man knows that he can depend on your love then it is easy for him to reciprocate. Do all you can to boost the love between the two of you. Don't let your relationship become stale and boring.

Do YOUR best!
Never have regrets and say "I wish I had done this for him" or "I wish I had said this to him". Go ahead and say what's in your heart. This will make your man frank and open with you too. Hiding your true feelings will only help to build barriers between the two of you. You should go to bed every night knowing that you did your best.

Give your man the attention he deserves
There is nothing more bonding and lasting than knowing that your partner loves only you. Even if you are looking good enough to eat and have caught the attention of other guys around, make sure that your eyes and attention are fixed on your man alone. This will make your man feel like a king. He will know that you belong to him and him alone. If you ignore your man then he will look for attention some where else.

Be confident enough to give him space
Nobody likes being boxed in. A man who has a suspicious wife or girlfriend, someone who spies on him and reads his messages will want to get away from her as fast as possible. You must love your man and let him love you. You can do that by giving him the space he needs - which is a sign of trust - and for heaven's sake never play too hard to get.

It is easy to prove to your man that you are the one and only woman for him by making him feel that he can depend on you at all times, and that no matter what the strong love you share is the foundation of your relationship.

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