How to Keep a Man's Interest! You Will Never Fear Losing Him After You Understand These Tips

Published: 09th August 2010
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Now that you found Mr. Right and you're in the stage of getting to know each other, the next thing you need to do is keep his interest in you and your companionship. The following guidelines can help you achieve your goal:

Keep a beautiful persona.
Have a good aura. People will keep their interest in you if you look nice and approachable. Don't look grumpy, also, don't slouch-always be confident and stand erect.

Join the activities that he's interested in
Take time to do the things he likes doing even if it's the opposite of what you like. If you do these things, do it sincerely. Say, if he likes basketball, try shooting balls with him, if not, at least watch one of his games.

Feed his fantasy by being the fantasy.
We all have wild dreams and fantasies. Try daydreaming with him and share your dreams and your plans in the future. This role can also extend to the bedroom-you can go ahead and be whatever he wants you to be-a goddess, the secretary, an actress...anybody at all.

Keep him full.
Feed him always with the foods that he loves. Reaching his heart is treading the path through his stomach. It's good to share moments together while you both enjoy a delicious meal that was prepared by you.

Be emotionally strong.
Don't be like a drama queen who can readily burst into tears. Try to hold your emotions and don't be such a cry baby. You can let your tears fall when watching a sad movie but don't cry immediately when he criticizes you. Show him that you're a big girl and that you can take care of yourself.

Relax and don't be too serious. Crack some jokes and try to kid around him. Relieve his stress by being lighthearted. They say, laughter is always the best medicine so laugh away!

Respect yourself so he'll get to respect you. Show your guy how much you value yourself. Let him see your worth and he'll give you the respect that you give yourself. It's important that you respect him but it's more important that he sees you treat yourself with respect.

Keeping a man's interest is important to keep a relationship happy and keep it moving forward. If he gives you joy and happiness you, it's only because you've also exerted some effort in keeping his interest in you.

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