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Published: 09th August 2010
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Even if your relationship is strong or even if it's on the rocks, always remember to keep the fire burning and don't allow it to die out. Don't just satisfy your man's needs, it would be better if you do things that would make him want you more and more each day. Just follow these steps if you want to make your man ache for you:

Be an attractive type of girlfriend or wife

Don't wear that old plain t-shirt all the time. Also, be adventurous enough to try new hairstyles. Try to look good and beautiful for him always; it's not necessary that you wear expensive clothes, just be presentable, neat and clean.

Show to the world that you're oozing with confidence

Confidence will always be attractive to men. Always have self esteem and you'll find out that you wouldn't even have to work hard to get his attention.

As much as you can, spend quality time with him

The amount of time you spend with him is not the most important thing but how you actually spend your time with him. Make each moment memorable and worth remembering.

Read between the lines

Try to understand his non-verbal cues. He may not utter the words about how he actually feels at the moment, but try to see what he's trying to say. If he seems silent, try to talk him out of that deafening silence and gently ask him to pour his heart out to you.

Don't compete with his work and hobbies

Allow him to work and give him time to do what he loves. Don't take away the time he needs to get his work done and don't make him choose between his career and you-this just isn't fair.

Don't let your world revolve solely around him

So you wouldn't be bored while he's away, try to keep yourself busy as well. Watch a movie marathon, do some gardening, learn how to crochet or have a good time with your girl friends.

Be affectionate in oh so many ways

Don't just simply say I love you to your guy; try to tell him this sentence in many, different ways. You could write him a love letter, purchase a CD containing his favorite songs, or create a nice meal for him-the goal is to be creative and spontaneous.

Keep him wanting for more of you and make him crave for the moments when you two are together-it may not be easy to entice him, at first, but your efforts would definitely pay off in the long run!

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