How to Keep a Man Interested in You? Do This and He Will Never Lose Attraction Towards You

Published: 01st September 2010
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Now that you have hooked your man your next hurdle is how to keep him interested in you. Never mind if you don't have the perfect body or the prettiest face, the important thing is that in spite of your inadequacies, you were still able to land him. The important thing is to keep in mind that your man is not a perfect hottie himself and that he too should be grateful that he has you.

Keep a little of yourself to yourself. Do not try to spill out your guts every time you too are together. For one, it is quite tiring and irritating to be on the receiving end of "here's my life story" every so often. Also, spilling who and what you are in every known detail possible will take out the air of mystery and intrigue.

Always look presentable. It is not always possible to look glamorous and sexy but keeping neat and tidy is a way of keeping your man interested. If you have long hair, have it in a pony tail. Studies show that men love pony tails. Keep your man fascinated by exposing your neck and part of your shoulders.

Present a positive attitude. A man does not like a woman with an attitude problem. If you are sweet one moment and then turn out like a freak the next moment, your man would surely run away as fast as he could. It would be great to present your man with a nice and pleasing attitude without really being "fake" about it.

If you are faking your "nice" persona, better think about making the trait permanent as there are very few men who would and could tolerate "bad" attitude.

Give him space. Do not be such a nagging partner demanding that your partner should always be with you. You should respect his private time just as you want him to respect yours. There' a need to be with your own set of friends on occasions. If you are together, day in and day out, a burn out is sure to happen.

Be interested in what interests him. Show interest in his work, hobby or sports. If he talks about work animatedly, learn to listen. If he asks you out to go bar hopping, and then go. If he feels like going fishing, don't hesitate in saying yes. Next time, ask him to go with you to your belly-dancing class.

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