How to Keep a Man Extremely Excited in Your Company! Here Are the Tricks You Must Read

Published: 01st September 2010
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Flirting and teasing a man are the best ways to get him all excited about you. Teasing and flirting are fun and leave men going crazy for them begging them for more! Here are a few ways of mastering the art of teasing and getting your man excited!

Dress to kill

Use your femininity to your advantage and dress to kill. Choose a dress that highlights your best assets and draws attention to them without looking like you are trying to get attention. Use sensual fabrics that are soft and wispy and run a riot in your man's mind.

Wear a sensuous fragrance

Use the sense of smell to ignite desire in the man. Wear a musky perfume that is lilting and lingering without getting too overpowering. The notes of your perfume will play on his mind.

Be enigmatic

Don't be like a sea food platter and lay it all out in front of the man you are with. Dress provocatively without being cheap and tell him only as much as he needs to know. Keep some information about yourself from him to keep him guessing about you and keeping his interest alive.

Look right into his eyes when you talk

Be sexy and don't be afraid to show your ultra-glam feminine side. Confident women know that they are sexy and use this as a weapon to their advantage. Look right into his eyes when you flirt with him and hold his gaze for just a second.

Be intelligent and coy

Use your wit and humor to stimulate conversation that is studded with innuendoes. That way you will have the opportunity of manipulating your man and will have him going crazy. Mesmerize him with your hints and lean in a tad bit closer than you should but never close enough when you talk. Be naughty and nice and watch him go insane.

Use your hands

Touch, everything around you in a very sensual manner. Your man will get very visually stimulated by this. Your touches should be very light almost like caressing. Touch the stem of your glass, run your fingers through your hair, gently touch your lips, run your hands across your legs and see how crazy he goes.

Hold the kiss

When he leans to kiss you, press your body lightly against him and give him a small kiss. Then move away for about an inch and let him feel your breath on his face for just about a couple of seconds and then move away. Your man will be going crazy for you before the evening is over.

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