How to Intensify a Man's Attraction For You & Make Him Want You Even More? You Must Read This

Published: 09th August 2010
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Are you jealous of all the women who have guys drooling all over them? Are you wondering how you could make a guy want you more? Trust me, its not that hard, just follow these simple tricks.

Make him feel wanted...It's important that he feels good around you
Guys feel good about them selves when they know that they are wanted, be sure to make him feel good about himself. Highlight his good points and try to ignore the weak points. But don't go overboard because that might seem unreal.

Show interest
Try to talk about his favorite sports or TV show, discuss his hobbies or interests. The best way to catch a mans attention is to talk abut what he wants to talk about; in this way he would not feel the urge to go talk to someone else about it.

Try to be his friend too...It's important to understand him on another level
One always need a friend, so make sure that you make him comfortable to talk to you so that he doesn't feel the need to go out and look for a friend. Try talking about his interest, what he likes and dislikes.

Wear his favorite color
Don't forget to wear his favorite color every now and then. Be trendy and fashionable, guys are always attracted to women who are chic and up to date. Throw those lose clothes out of your wardrobe.

Spend some time alone
This is very important because in order to let the guy know you better you have to spend some time alone. Always meeting in a group will do no good. There would be too many distractions and he wont be able to concentrate on you and get to know the real you.

Don't open up readily
Be mysterious; don't open up completely on your first meeting. Let him know stuff about you that is absolutely necessary, let him be a little curious. He will always come running back to you to find out more.

Smile occasionally
Guys need to be reassured, they need to know that you are still there for them So don't forget to smile or flirt with them occasionally. This will make them feel confident and want to hang around you more.

These are some of the simple ways to make a guy want you more, but don't forget, never go overboard with any of these; you don't want to sound unreal. Be who you are, don't try to change yourself, let him like you for who you are.

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