How to Impress Your Ex Girlfriend! Here Are the Right Ways to Impress Your Ex Girlfriend

Published: 09th August 2010
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Still smarting from the rebuff your ex girlfriend gave you? Once you have been dumped it is easy to hate your ex for what she has put you through. However, if underneath all that hate, you still find yourself missing her and longing to put back the clock, then you are not the only one who wants to get back with their ex. You will have to do your utmost to impress your ex girlfriend so that she wants to come back. These tactics will help you enormously.

Make changes
Remember your girlfriend walked out on you because she was disgusted with certain aspects of the relationship. Think back and be brutally honest if you have to. Get rid of those lousy habits and make necessary changes that will make you a better human being. She has to see this happen!

Don't mope
After the way she has dumped you and ignored you, she probably expects you to be depressed and disillusioned with life. Don't prove her right! Get out there and get over the heartache. Become confident in your abilities and start getting your life together. This attitude will impress her!

Start looking terrific!
Change your look. Get a new hairstyle and a new wardrobe. Look classy and debonair. Get popular and get surrounded by the opposite sex. This will blow her mind. She will not expect you to rebound in such a manner. The new personality and look will impress her and she will automatically want to get in touch with you again.

Be magnanimous
Once you get going and have taken a turn for the better, it is easier to forgive and forget! Be magnanimous and let your ex girlfriend know that you are not harboring any ill feelings and resentment in your heart towards her. She will be touched at this and will be impressed by these qualities that prove that you are a better human being.

Get a life!
This is the time to get busy in other activities, sports, hobbies etc. Once your ex sees you busy in so many activities that seem to take her place in your life, she will start having second thoughts about you. Your decision to move on in life so positively will impress her.

Prove that you are worth it
Your girlfriend left because of certain attitudes and character traits she found in you that were undesirable. She expects you to behave in a certain manner that will prove her right. Instead prove her wrong and make her regret the breakup. Just do the opposite of what she thinks you will do - don't beg, don't plead and don't look desperate! She will know that you are worth coming back to.

Show of independence
Nothing will impress your ex girlfriend more than seeing you rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Prove that you are independent - financially and emotionally. Let her know by your manner and actions that whether she decides to come back to you or not - you are going ahead!

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