How to Handle a Distant Man! Here Are the Most Important Tips You Should Read Right Now

Published: 01st September 2010
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Are you feeling desperate and unhappy and feel like you are losing connection with your lover? Is it because your man has been very distant of late? Instead of being anxious and negative about the whole issue the trick is to think rationally and take immediate action to reverse the situation. These tips will help you.

Don't sit around hoping and wishing he would change
Just sitting around will not change anything. Taking action will. Think about your relationship and assess how much intimacy and communication would be considered normal for your man. Is he naturally quiet? Are you reading too much in his "withdrawing"?

Is your man stressed
Remember that men usually deal with stress in a different way. While women love to talk it out, men tend to withdraw and stay away till they arrive at a solution. The best thing is to give him the time to work it out.

He could be craving for freedom
Have you considered the fact that your man could be feeling "hemmed in" or "trapped"? He could try to break away in order to do pursue other interests like business, sports and other masculine interests. The thing to do here is let him! He will reconnect with you when he knows he has the freedom to be himself!

He could be avoiding conflict
Your man could be withdrawing from others because he is refusing to deal with a particular situation. An urge to avoid arguments and deal with emotions that are chaotic could cause him to clam up and distance himself. Be loving and understanding. Don't push him to open up and talk. Wait for the right time.

Be patient and understanding
Don't pressurize your man more because he is acting distant. It will just be a matter of time before he starts reconnecting with you again. The important part is to be there for him and support him when he "wakes up".

Get him to realize the important part you play in his life
Men do get lost in their masculine drives and lose their connection with the world. This is where you play a role in getting him reconnected to your world once again with your joy, sensuality and liveliness.

Stop worrying about his behavior
If you have a gut feeling that his withdrawal from you is not behavior that is normal, don't worry about it because he is going to sense it and your attitude is bound to make him even more on edgy.

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