How to Get Your Wife Back From Another Man! Read These Tips and Pull Your Wife Back Real Fast

Published: 09th August 2010
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If your wife has had a bitter tiff with you and has walked into the arms of another man on the rebound then it is time to stand up to the situation and get your wife back.

Here are some classy and underhand moves to get your wife back from another man since all is fair in love and war.

Pretend to accept the relationship
Your wife might expect you to fight over the new relationship and would certainly derive some pleasure on seeing you in a state of anger and despair.

You can knock the wind out of her sails of revenge by calmly accepting the relationship even as you cunningly plan to win her back.

Change your looks and attitude for the better
You should join a gym, get a smart haircut and outfit yourself in new clothes so as to change your looks.

This will not only enhance your confidence and help you come out of depression but also catch the eye of your wife who might now regret her decision of leaving you in a huff.

Find out what went wrong in your relationship and fix it
You will need to introspect to find out what went wrong in your relationship so that you can fix those problems. Ensure that your wife knows about the efforts that you have put in since this will now sway her emotions back towards you.

Inform common friends that you are still in love with her
You can also inform common friends that you are still in love with her. Do not get all weepy while saying it but instead simply state that you are positive that she will return back to you.

This will send a clear message to her that the doors of reconciliation are open for her and you can be sure that she will return back to you on her first tiff with her new man.

Remain in cordial touch with her
Do not break all contact with her or try to get too cuddly. Remain in cordial touch with her and help her out in case she does require any help.

This mature attitude will increase her respect for you even as it makes her new man uncomfortable.

Dig up some dirt on her new man
This might be unethical but it is certainly war as far as her new man is concerned. You should dig up any unsavory dirt that you can collect on her new man and inform your wife anonymously. This will put a strain on their relationship and make you look like the good guy in comparison.

Wait for your chance
If your wife has had a huge fight with her new man then you should take full advantage of the situation and offer your shoulder for her to cry on.

You will soon notice that she wants you back in her life, shoulder and all, and that would be the last time that both of you see her new man.

These moves will help you to pry your wife loose from the clutches of her new man and get her back into your life.

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