How to Get Your Ex to Contact You! Here is How to Bring Back the Lost Joy in Your Life

Published: 10th September 2010
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If you are sitting and home depressed about your broken relationship and if you are still deeply in love with your ex, you must be no doubt, wondering how to get your ex to contact you. There are many different subtle ways of doing this by making your ex think that it is their idea. By playing a powerful mind game, you can definitely get your ex to contact you in no time and bring back the lost happiness in your life.

Give enough recovery time before bumping into your ex - After giving enough time for turbulent emotions to settle down, plan and bump into your ex accidentally a couple of times. You can visit places you know he or she normally frequents.

Have a makeover and look attractive - Before you decide to bump into your ex, work on your appearance. Have a stylish haircut, shop for attractive clothes and accessories and keep yourself fit with a lot of exercise and balanced diet. Looking radiantly healthy and happy will kindle the curiosity of your ex and get them thinking about you all over again, wondering what you are up to.

Any given chance, initiate a conversation - Taking care not to mention any aspect of your shattered relationship, initiate a casual conversation with your ex and gradually establish a firm and comfortable friendship. Do not flinch if your ex tells you they are seeing someone else. On the contrary, sound sincerely happy for them to reiterate on what a nice person you are.

Act with confidence and maturity - Talk to your ex in a highly confident and mature manner. This will make them feel that you have actually moved on and are getting along with your life. Focus on the present moment and make your ex see what a changed person you are.

Enhance the comfort level in your friendship - Make your ex feel very confident and comfortable to talk to you. Never try to bring your old relationship into the conversation. Focus on the present and on rebuilding a relationship based on mutual trust and understanding.

Keep your conversations with your ex short - If you tend to drag on the conversations and consciously try to spend more time with your ex, it may put them off. Keep your conversations short but effective.

Do not make any concrete plans for next meeting - Before saying goodbye, take care not to sound too eager and make any concrete plans for the next meeting. On the contrary, say something like "catch you later" and you can be sure your ex will contact you again very soon.

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