How to Get Your Ex Jealous! Here Are the Tricky Ways to Make Your Ex Want You Yet Again

Published: 09th August 2010
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If your ex has broken up with you and left you with a lot of anger then it is time to plunge the dagger of jealousy into his or her heart and twist it around.

Here are a few tips on how to get your ex jealous, which in turn will also prove that he or she still cares for you.

Ignoring your ex is bliss
Do not give your ex the pleasure of gloating over the breakup by begging or pleading with him or her for a reunion.

Instead, simply look through your ex and ignore him or her completely while also not calling, texting or emailing him or her.

Act free and cheerful
Instead of walking with a long and teary face, act free and cheerful. Let your happiness radiate to people around you.

Your ex is sure to notice your cheerful demeanor and get depressed and jealous as he or she might have expected you to crack and roam around in a depressed state.

Flirt like a free bird
Nothing will catch your ex's goat more than another suitor hovering around you. You can engage in light flirting at any party where your ex is present and watch him or her boil away in a jealous rage. You should remember to remain in control or act the whole scene with a close friend.

Go in for a makeover
Let your ex observe a fresher and newer you emerging out of the breakup. He is sure to get jealous of your new looks, especially if it starts attracting others members of the opposite sex too.

Get a new job or immerse yourself in the old one
Nothing will irk your ex more if you are financially independent. You should get a new job if you did not have one after the breakup or immerse yourself in the old one to forget the pain.

Your ex will feel left out and will get jealous of your success even as your new job along with your makeover keeps on attracting new colleagues towards you.

Pretend to get serious about a particular date
While dating lightly with others, pretend to get serious with a particular date, while making sure that your pretend date is also involved in this plan.

Your ex will not only get jealous but will also get the jitters that you might plan to move on ahead in life by leaving him or her behind all alone.

Throw in the time-limit gauntlet. You can spread a rumor that you might consider walking away with your new date within a certain time-frame if your ex does not care enough to return back to you.

You are sure to notice your ex on a folded knee as soon as this rumor reaches your ex's eager ears through mutual friends.

Jealousy is a tool that needs to be wielded with care since its flames can singe everyone involved. Ensure that your timing is right so as to watch your gullible and jealous ex running back in your loving arms again.

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