How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend's Attention Once Again! Here Are the Things You Need to Do

Published: 04th August 2010
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If your girlfriend has walked out of the relationship then there are ways to make her come running right into a new one.

Here are a few crucial moves on how to get your ex girlfriend's attention so that she soon becomes obsessed with you again.

Get out of her sight but not out of her mind
You should take a small vacation for a few days so as to remain out of sight. However, make sure to text her a few casual messages without revealing her your whereabouts.

Your ex girlfriend will get curious and might also start to get worried about you.

Return back like a sight for sore eyes
Use this small vacation to get a makeover worthy to set your ex girlfriend's heart on fire. Get your skin scrubbed and refreshed, your hair re-styled, and your clothes upgraded to look like a million bucks.

Your ex girlfriend will now regret her move while feelings of jealousy will invade her mind as other girls too sit up and take notice of the new and handsome you.

Party away before your ex
If your ex has assumed that you will sit crying in a corner of your home then shock her into reality by partying away before your ex.

Let her notice you having a fun time in her absence. This will confuse her and create a need within her mind to be next to you so as to enjoy those moments together with you.

Act as if you have forgotten about the breakup
When you do meet your ex, it is vital that you act as if you have forgotten about the breakup even though your heart might dread it. This will allow you to move on with your life in a positive manner and will also enable your ex girlfriend to become friends with you again, a step that could soon morph into love.

Engage in a soul-searching exercise
As girls are emotional creatures, you will need to put in additional efforts to find out the exact truth behind the breakup and rectify those problems that originated from your side.

You might need to apologize if you have been ignoring her or have hurt her in any manner. Your ex girlfriend's anger will subside and this move will soon lead towards reconciliation.

Make her rely on you again
You can start helping out your ex girlfriend without expecting anything in return but ensuring that you keep your dignity intact. This unconditional help will please her and also build up trust levels while making her rely on you again.

Over time, this will lead her to believe that your selflessness signals true love and she too will repay you with selfless acts of love.

Iron out your differences
Once you start speaking freely with each other and become good friends again then the time is ripe to iron out all differences that spooked your old relationship.

Once you have established a new level of trust on each other again then both of you can surely walk into an improved relationship.

These moves are crucial if you love your ex girlfriend and want her back in your arms without compromising on your self-esteem.

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