How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend's Attention If She Avoids You All the Time - Make Her Notice You Today

Published: 06th August 2010
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Do you want to catch the attention of your ex-girlfriend and want to make sure that you are still on her mind? Actually, that's a lot easier than you may think. Women are very emotional creatures and are more in tune with their feelings than men are. If you want they're attention, here's how you can get it.

Want more? Give less
If you want to grab and keep her attention, you have to give her less of yours. If she knows you're available to her whenever she wants you, she'll begin to take that time for granted. So, when she does approach you, let her know you're busy and don't have time at the moment. It will drive her nuts that you're not there, and make her appreciate the time you do spend with her.

Add a bit of mystery
Disappear for a few hours a day. Maybe just hang out at the library or at a friend's house, but during that time, don't answer phone calls or text messages from her or anyone she knows. If she can't get in touch with you, she'll begin to reach out to your friends to find you. But if none of them know where you are, they can't tell her anything. Leave her wondering where you're disappearing to all the time.

Show interest in someone else
It doesn't even have to be a sincere interest, but the thought of you being into someone else will drive her crazy. Pick someone she knows, but not a good friend. Women can be very spiteful.

Get a new hobby... hers
If she's taking a cooking class, take the class, too. Whatever she's into, you do it, too, but don't make it about her. Don't offer to do it with her, or to compare notes. Just do it. She'll think you're doing it to be close to her, but as you ignore her while you do it, she'll soon realize that it isn't about her and she won't know how to react to that.

Dress up
Wear something you know she likes, maybe even something she bought you. You know what she likes to see you in, so put it on and show off your stuff. It will bother her to see you looking so good, and even worse, other people thinking so, too.

New voicemail message
Have a female friend to leave a funny, flirty voicemail message for you. Make sure that your ex hears the message. It will annoy her to hear another woman's voice on the phone and make her wonder who it is, what they're involvement is with you and how she can stop it.

Short, quick text messages
This one is small, but very effective. When she texts you, always take a few minutes to respond, and never send out a long, drawn out response. When a text messages comes in, listen to a song on the radio as this will give you two or three minutes in between to respond. Then simply send a reply text by just typing saying "Oh ok" or something to that effect. It shows you have other things to do and can't be bothered with all, lengthy messages right now.

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