How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend's Attention! Here Are the Tricks to Easily Get Her to Notice You Again

Published: 09th August 2010
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Sometimes one just doesn't know what is the right way to get your ex girlfriend's attention. Some say talk to her and some say don't even look her way. So what does one do apart from getting completely confused? The idea here is to get your ex girlfriend's attention back to you in a positive way....make her feel like she wants to talk to you. Here are ways to get to that point.

Get the dream guy look
If you have been going around looking like an escaped gorilla then you can be sure that your ex is going to be glad that you two are not together. Make her feel weak in the knees by looking amazingly the dream guy.

Be confident
It's obvious that your confidence takes a hit during a break up and that is what your ex expects to see - a broken man. Do the opposite and show her your strength and resilience by coming across as very confident and self assured. She will begin to take notice if you.

Act mature
Seeing your ex and going all teary and desperate is not going to make her take any notice of you in any good way. Even if she does the next time on she is going to find ways to avoid you. So act mature around your ex.

Don't give her too much attention
Your ex expects you to give her attention whenever you see her. But here is what you should do. The next time you run into your ex nod at her and then walk away. Look like you are busy enjoying something or someone else. "Enjoying" is the operative word here.

Hang around with some nice girls
Also begin to hang out with girls who are better looking or more successful than her. Sometimes it helps if you hang out with women who don't seem to be in your league. This will make your ex girlfriend wake up and take notice.

Talk to her nicely
Never be nasty, mean or spiteful with your ex. Show her how much you like her by being nice and sweet to her always. This will make her pay attention to your nice side and will make her wonder why she let you go.

Don't get personal
Exercise restraint whenever you talk to your ex girlfriend. If you want her attention then don't ask her too many personal questions. This will make her wonder why you are so disinterested in her and what is going on in your personal life. Keep the mystery alive for a bit and you will have her complete attention.

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