How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Jealous! These Tips Will Make Her Want You Back Once Again

Published: 04th August 2010
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Letting out the green eyed monster is one of the proven techniques that will make your ex girlfriend jealous enough to want you back. It's all about creating the need and making her see that no one is indispensable. Here is what you need to do to get your ex girlfriend jealous.

Put the break up behind you - FAST
If you want to make her sit up and take notice then you have to put your break up behind you really fast. She expects you to be sad and depressed and when you don't do any of that she gets angry because she's not making any impact on you after leaving you. It's the ego that takes a hit here.

Be seen as a positive person
Don't go around like a love sick puppy. How will that help you to get her jealous? Instead look happy and be a positive person. In fact be more positive than you were ever before and your ex will begin to get jealous of you.

Start looking better than you did
When your ex dumps you she is again expecting you to let go of the way you look and be forlorn all the time. Don't give her that pleasure. Instead focus on all the things that you feel you can change about your looks and start to look even better than you did.

Get back into the dating circuit
If you really want to get her goat then get back into the dating circuit pronto. She will go mad with jealousy when she sees you with other girls. The fact that you are moving on so fast and so easily is going to drive her nuts.

Don't even try to contact her
Don't bother to contact her after you have broken up. There is no need to be extra nice and worry about her feelings at the moment. You need to keep your focus on getting her jealous.

Look through her
You need to take your dates to places where you can expect to bump into her. When you see her there all you need to do is just ignore her. Look right through her and give your date all the attentions she wants.

Don't fawn over her at all
After a couple of rounds of ignoring her, your ex will walk up to you to speak to you. Now don't go and fawn over her as she will then see the game you were playing. Be civil and cordial with her. Let her initiate the moves and you play along. Be a little hard to get so that she never takes you for granted again.

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