How to Get Your Ex Back When it Seems They Have Moved On? This is a Must Know For You

Published: 10th September 2010
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You think your ex had already moved on with his or her life. However, you still want to know if you have a chance of getting your ex back. Do you want your ex back into your life? Here are helpful ways to get your ex back when it seems they have already moved on.

You can get your ex back when they already moved on if:

1. You say Sorry to your ex sincerely.

- Avoid excessive begging in front of or through phone to your ex. This will only draw your ex away from you. Instead, sincerely ask for forgiveness to your ex and say sorry from the bottom of your heart. However, don't say sorry just for the sake of making up, do it whole-heartedly.

2. You make your ex insecure and jealous.

- This is guaranteed to make your ex back into your arms. However, this does not work on some relationship. Not that you have nothing to lose, you can use this to make your ex come back to you. When your ex sees you with the opposite ex, it will make them realize that they may lose you if they don't act fast.

3. You make some evil plan.

- If you think your ex is dating or is engaged in a new relationship, this is the time to use your evil plan. Write an anonymous letter to the person your ex is dating. Put up some bad habits about your ex. Doing so, can make the other person have second thoughts about your ex, and eventually leaves him or her alone. But, be careful not to get caught by your ex.

4. You ask your ex for one last date.

- If your ex agrees to meet with you, ensure your ex that if this thing won't work out for both of you, this will be the time to let go. Be at your best at this crucial moment, you might not know things will work out.

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