How to Get Your Ex Back No Matter What! You Won't Think It's Impossible After This Point

Published: 06th September 2010
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Fed up of your starry tantrums your partner has deserted you after giving you a long rope to reform and change. What you are going through is a consequence of not appreciating that it takes two to tango. Now you want another shot at the relationship. Well, this is going to take some planning and your execution will have to be spot on, needless to say that your honesty is a prerequisite in this endeavor.

Learn to love yourself before you expect others to love you
Now that your self esteem has taken a beating it is natural that you will find a thousand faults in your own self. Well, some of them are true and other imaginary. The best you can do in such a situation is to remind yourself that no matter how flawed you are as a person you still have a few good qualities.

Take one day at a time and rediscover one good quality each day. This should get your self esteem back in order.

Tell your ex that his/her happiness now matters to you the most
Tell your ex through your actions that if separation from you is what makes them happy then you respect their decision and would do everything in your capacity to keep them happy. Stop stalking, chasing, or pleading your ex for yet another chance.

Be nice to his/her new love interest
Sooner rather than later your ex is going to start dating someone and it is up to you to make sure that he/she does not compare the two of you and finds the new date better than you.

For this you will have to feign happiness at his finding a new partner. This action of yours will stun your ex as he/she expects you to be resentful and full of venom.

Continue to evolve as a person
As you are trying to win your ex back it makes sense that you continue to evolve as a better person with each passing day. Don't worry about your ex moving on with someone else. Even if he/she does date someone it will be sometime before they actually commit. However, if they do realize that you are changing into a better and more understanding person they will definitely want to come back.

The logic they will use to justify getting back with you is "A known devil is better than an unknown saint".

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