How to Get the Man of Your Dreams to Fall For You! This is What Will Get You the Desired Results

Published: 23rd August 2010
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Winning the man of your dreams is usually really about getting and keeping the man of your dreams. For that reason, let's look at how to get that man AND how to make your relationship with that special man into the one of which your dreams are made.

Getting the Man of Your Dreams

You have to know yourself in order to know what the man of your dreams is really like. Develop your life. Build your own interests; make plans; find hobbies, friends and work connections. A woman who has a well-rounded life will know exactly what sort of man is perfect for her. He will be the one who compliments you and whom you will compliment.
Put yourself out there, and start looking. Dreaming is all well and good, but winning the man of your dreams means you actually have to be available. You'll probably have to kiss a lot of frogs before finding him, but you'll know when you have.
Be yourself with the men you date. Trying to conform yourself to what you think men are looking for gets you nothing but bad relationships. Being yourself with men lets you find out who loves you for who you really are, which of course, is one of the biggest things that makes the man of your dreams what he is - perfect for you.
Don't be afraid once you've found him. Many women don't know what to do once their search has actually come to an end. Finding the man of your dreams can be scary, especially after years of dreaming and having those dreams end with disappointment each time. The man of your dreams is a keeper, and you don't want your fear to be the reason you lose him.

Keeping the Man of Your Dreams

Keeping a man interested means keeping alive those things that drew him to you in the first place. Be yourself. Maintain your appearance, respect yourself, recognize your own value, speak your mind, and don't lose faith in yourself. These are the things that he liked about you at the beginning and they're the things that will make him continue to enjoy being with you.
Don't take him for granted. Too many people stop making enough effort once they're in a relationship. Failing to show your appreciation for your partner is a sure way to lose them.

Making Your Relationship the One of Your Dreams

Realize that real relationships take work, and the one of your dreams is no different. It's going to require you to get through arguments and other difficulties. It will mean you have to compromise sometimes, and that you can't always have your way. The relationship of your dreams is just that - a dream. Making it a reality means you have to be realistic.
Keep the spark alive. Don't let the romance get smothered by the realities of day-to-day life. Find ways to spice things up and keep it interesting. You have to be realistic, but it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the dream entirely. Spend as much time building real intimacy and romance in your relationship as you did dreaming of the relationship in the first place.

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