How to Get Rid of Excessive Breakup Pain! 10 Must - Do Tips Which Will Remove the Pain & Suffering!

Published: 07th September 2010
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Breakup pain tears at you worse than anything else, because you feel at a huge loss but at the same time your ex is still there. It's a huge tease and constantly gets thrown in your face when you see your ex or think about them moving on.

If you want to get rid of excessive breakup pain, then all you have to do is use these 10 tips to remove the pain and suffering:

10. Get busy - I am not talking about doing a thing or two. I am talking about becoming so insanely busy that you don't even have time to sleep or eat. This will FORCE you to take your mind off of your ex.

9. Get a makeover - No, this is not the Oprah show, but this is your life, and you will feel better knowing that you look better and knowing it can help attract your ex back.

8. Mental improvement - Improve your mind by reading and listening to positive things that can help you change and become better. Try seeing a counselor or go to a support group. Or even just look online for some positive affirmations.

7. Forgive yourself and your ex - This may be the huge cause of the pain, because you blame yourself. So forgive yourself and move forward, and forgive your ex.

6. Apologize - If you really feel guilty about something, admit your mistake and apologize to your ex. If your ex is ignoring you, write a letter of apology (hand written), and keep it so that you can get it off your chest, but don't show anyone.

5. Time heals - Time really does heal, and with time you can let your emotions die down and then you will be able to think more clearly about what you want to do to get your ex back. Acting now can make you appear desperate, so give it a bit of time so at least you know what you want to do exactly.

4. Volunteer - Help other people and interact with others. This will prevent you from having a pity party and getting depressed.

3. Seek advice - You will feel better if you actually know how to get your ex back, so seek advice on that.

2. Get support - Lean on your family and friends to help guide you through this time, and spend time with them.

1. Change - If you still feel bad or guilty, all you have to do is really try to change and become the kind of person your ex wants. Don't try and change everything at once, but rather work on each thing separately, so that you don't feel overwhelmed.

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