How to Get Revenge on Your Ex - 5 of the Sickest Psychological Revenge Tricks Known to Mankind!

Published: 07th September 2010
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Your ex treated you like "crap", and you are sick and tired of their games. It's time to play a little game of your own, called REVENGE. Your ex won't even see it coming, till it has already knocked them down!

Read on to find out 5 of the sickest psychological revenge tricks...

5. Date someone your ex knows - This will instantly make your ex wish they never did what they did, because they will instantly be begging you back the minute you do this.

It is like a direct slap in the face, where you FORCE your ex to watch you with someone else, and it will drive your ex nuts with jealousy. In fact, it will make your ex so emotional, that you may even find him/her desperately stalking you afterward.

4. Befriend everyone your ex knows - If you really want to get to someone, get them in their weak spots: with their family and friends. All you have to do is become friends with your ex's friends and family, and become so well liked that they will like you more than they like your ex.

This will make your ex envious and will tick them off big time. It will really make them wish they hadn't messed with you!

3. Ignore your ex completely - Your ex wants to talk to you, or wants a shoulder to lean on. He/she just expects you to be there when they are down and depressed, but it's time to stop being there for them and completely ignore your ex.

This will really show them what they are missing and will make your ex wish they had not left you. Your ex will feel so void and lonely that he/she will be driven nuts.

2. Flaunt a powerful new social life - Go out to so many social gatherings that you will literally have no time to think about your ex. In return take videos and pictures and upload these to the social network websites you have profiles on.

Your ex will see this, and will see how much of a great time you are having, and will feel really down to see you so happy without them.

1. Treat your ex like a friend - People HATE to be treated like a friend, especially when they have dated you. By putting your ex into the friends' zone, you are literally telling them that something is wrong with them, because you will not date them again.

Start treating your ex as though they were your little sister or brother, and don't be afraid to literally annoy the heck out of your ex by using nicknames and dumping huge favors onto their plate.

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