How to Get Him to Pop the Question! Here is How to Finally Get Him to Commit to You

Published: 23rd August 2010
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Women self-destruct when their boyfriends don't seem to have any plans for marriage. How can a woman indirectly persuade his man that it's about time to tie the knot?

Settling down can sound really negative to most men as it does when it comes to getting too serious in a relationship. So, how can a girl make her man pop the question that most men hate to ask as much as possible? The following points will surely lead the way to marriage vows.

1. Never oblige him.

Men don't really run away from the marriage itself, they run away from the obligations that involve it. Instead of discouraging him but being overly demanding, make him look forward to staying with you the rest of his life. You can do this by starting to serve him breakfast, or volunteering to do his laundry sometimes.

2. Erase the word "give-up" in your dictionary.

A lot of men believe that once they marry, most of their rights will be "violated." What do I mean by this statement? It means that they have to lessen their nights out and keep themselves from spending too much on their leisure. An in love female who doesn't want her man to leave her side forever should make him understand that marrying her wouldn't mean giving up on the simple pleasures of life that help him unwind. Make him understand that by marrying you, he gets to divide the cost in half with your assistance because you'd be doing the same things together after he pops up the question.

3. Respect his privacy.

A woman who wants a man to be hers for life should make him realize that you are not after his personal possessions. How can she do this? She should start buying her own stuffs. This will lead him into believing that she doesn't intend to take whatever is his because she can buy her own.

4. Show how well you handle your own finances.

Assuring a stable income is very important for men before they settle down. However, most women these days have shifted their monetary investments to esthetics. Beauty and accessories to make them look attractive are becoming part of their budget. But if a woman really wants her man to propose to her, then giving him the assurance that both of you will be secured and stable financially someday is very significant.
5. Be excited about the idea of "domesticated."

"Wives are in-charge of the household chores" is what most men agree with. It is the man's worst nightmare to do the laundry and wash the dirty plates someday. So, a woman should begin impressing her man by inviting him to come over her place so she could cook and serve his favorite dish.

6. Don't say "bad words!"

Bad words mean don't initiate the idea of marriage. Never speak of it. It will scare him off just like a hunter facing a lion without his weapon. Implying about marriage is the worst mistake a woman can ever do.

7. Tell him he is not your captive.

A woman should reassure her man that getting married means becoming a prisoner. She must make it a point that she encourages him to unwind and relax with his friends every time he feels like doing so, and it doesn't bother her at all. Once she makes him confident that tying the knot with her will never affect his time to be alone, then he will surely pop up the question.

If a woman really wants her man to propose, then she should understand that it could not be forced. Therefore, she should master the art of self-control and understand that a little bit of sacrifice will be rewarded as soon as he pops the question.

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