How to Get Him to Like You More? Here Are the Ultra Effective Ways to Make a Guy Like You More

Published: 01st September 2010
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How many times have we sat and complained of the guy who apparently had a great time with us and never called back? You wait for that elusive call and in your desperation call the guy up only to be blown off by some shoddy excuse. If this is your story, the read on to find out how you can get a man to like you more and have him coming back again and again.

Get gorgeous
You absolutely "have" to look your best. So doll up before your date and wear something that makes his jaw drop. Highlight your best assets without revealing too much.

Have a stimulating conversation
Men much like women get stimulated by conversation, so be a good conversationalist. Have a conversation that is dotted with wit and humor and see how he warms up to you.

Listen to him
The biggest complaint that men have against women is that they are always talking and that they "never" listen. Learning to listen attentively is also a great attribute and one that does not go unnoticed. Also when you listen to what he has to say you will be able to have a fun and stimulating conversation that can build the foundation of your relationship.

Laugh at his jokes
This is an absolute must. Being funny is a man's "thing". If you don't laugh at his jokes you in some vague and twisted way insult his manhood. SO no matter how lame his jokes are, just learn to laugh at them.

Flirt with your eyes
Let your eyes do the flirting. Look at him suggestively and then look down. Do this a couple of time during the evening in a way as if you are going to say something but don't at the last moment. Men love mystery and this will keep him hooked to you.

Be self assured
You don't have to express all your needs and wants to this man immediately as you meet. Let a man know that you are looking for a relationship and he will dig his heels and run for a mile. And men can sniff out the needy woman in a jiffy. So get a grip on your life and come across as a contended and self assured individual who likes dating but does not need a man to complete her life.

Let him chase you
Men are like hunters. You give then the chase and they are hooked. If the chase ends too easily then all interest is lost. In order to have him call you again you have to be available but not easy. The minute you get easy you can wave the second date good bye.

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