How to Get Him to Commit - 7 Exceptional Tricks Which Will Persuade Him to Commit to You Fast

Published: 05th August 2010
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If you were to offer your guy commitment-free dating, he would be more than happy to oblige. That's where your problem comes in. Guys date because it's a liberating, engaging game that feeds their ego and their manhood. He may love you but somehow the word "commitment" is enough to make him run for cover. You obviously need to know where the relationship is going, so commitment-free isn't going to work for you. Here are seven ways you can get your man to happily commit to you, and the best part is, you don't have to drag him into a discussion about it:

Consistently compliment his great angles.
Any guy will stay with whoever feeds his ego. If you show him he makes you happy all the time, and you appreciate what he does for you, he will see no other reason to look elsewhere.

Never be someone you really aren't.
Your true colors will show themselves eventually, and they may actually confuse your man. The best thing to do is to really just be yourself from the start. Don't be afraid to show him your imperfections. Some men grow to love their partners' quirky ways, and actually learn to commit because of them. If you plan on spending your life with him, you might as well show him who you really are.

Be a good listener.
When he comes home from work after a bad day, he will vent. And when he does, make sure you listen. If you feel the urge to criticize, hold your breath. Let him speak his mind, and offer comfort if needed. Your job isn't to give advice, it's to offer support.

Allow him space, time and freedom.
Any man is meant to be free. That doesn't mean he doesn't want to be in a relationship. It simply means he still wants to be able to buy his own gadgets, hang out with friends and choose his own clothes, food and movies. If you expect him to think of you as a potential life partner, you will have to make these adjustments and resist the urge to mother and nag him all the time.

Never allow him to spoil you.
This works both ways. You may become too dependent on him if he constantly volunteers to do things for you or buy you whatever you want. On his part, he may get tired of his own efforts and may miss spending and working for no one but himself. Besides, commitment is all about sharing. If he does offer to buy you things or do things for you, return the favor so you're even.

Never ever use jealousy as a means to torture him or to make him want you.
The end does not justify the means. Having devious plans is already a sign the relationship is not built on healthy ground. If you seriously want him to commit, maintain an open communication and talk it out like adults. But never play with his emotions because your games might always backfire.

Let him know what you need.
You're looking for commitment, so we are going to assume you've been with this guy for quite some time now. You have reached a point where talking intimately is not taboo. So choose a setting where both of you are relaxed, preferably cuddling, so a lazy Sunday afternoon on the couch is great. Ask him what he wants in life, and if he sees himself getting married and having a family someday. Let him know it's what you want.

If he is open to the discussion, but tells you he isn't ready, don't lose your composure. Tell him gently that you love him, and you see your future with him, but if he isn't ready, he can go free, and you must move on. That will lead him to two roads - will he let you go, or move towards committing to you?

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