How to Get Him to Approach You! Here is How to Easily Make Him Naturally Want to Approach You

Published: 05th August 2010
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If you noticed a guy in school who has been checking you out for quite some time now, the most probable reason why he hasn't made a move yet is that he is too shy to. It is very difficult for some guys to approach a girl so you might want to help him out on this one. If you are intrigued with this guy and you want to get to know him soon, here are some tips to get him to approach you.

Make sure to look fabulous
The most important thing for you to do is to always look great. If you perceive him as the type who would like a simple girl, wear something that you think would attract him, like a cute shirt and jeans. He would find it difficult to resist you when you look so great all the time.

Try to be on your own
If you want him to approach you, it would be easier for him if you are by yourself, compared to being around a lot of friends. There is a slimmer chance of him approaching if you are always preoccupied with the presence of your friends around. Try to go solo to encourage him.

Give a little smile in his direction
You have to let him know that you are approachable and he can come talk to you if he wants. You can do this by giving him a smile. A smile would definitely let him know that you are friendly and that it is okay for him to talk to you.

Establish eye contact with him
You cannot just smile at him without looking at his eyes. He has to know that your smile is intended for him. Make sure you establish eye contact as often as you can.

Hold his gaze for a few seconds and linger in the moment
Try holding the eye contact for a few seconds. If he looks away, try meeting his gaze again. Holding his gaze is like you telling him "what are you waiting for?" For sure, he would be approach you in no time.

Try to get as close to him as you can
Another thing you can do to encourage him is that you move as close to him as possible. He would surely lose his nerve if you are standing so far away from him. Make it easier for this guy by being only a few steps away where he could easily reach out.

You can say a little "hi"
If he still doesn't move towards your direction, you can acknowledge him by giving a nod or by telling him a simple hello. This can be enough encouragement for him to come to you.

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