How to Get Him Interested in a Way That You Become His Top Priority! Follow These Effective Tips Now

Published: 09th August 2010
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If a guy asks you out on a date or talks with you, it does not mean that he's already totally into you. Here are some steps on how to get a man interested in you:

Show him you're interested, too

You would never want a guy to hover around you if you are not interested in him. If you show your interest, who knows what he will do to reciprocate your gesture.

Be a mysterious girlfriend

Keep him guessing. You want him to feel like wanting to be with you again because he has something to look forward to. Tease him a bit. This will give him a feeling of being wanted. Being mysterious isn't confined to playing hard to get and bailing out of set dates. It can also be applicable in the bedroom!

Challenge him

Stroke his ego a bit. Give him a sense of feeling that he needs to put on a lot of effort so he can have you. Play a little hard to get make him chase you but don't do this always or he might think you're not interested at all.

Look fabulous

Don't forget to dab on a little make up or dress nicely. Looking fabulous means you have to look good all the time and to smell good as well. Be fashionable and stylish, a man would notice you immediately if you look stunning.

Display tremendous confidence

Confidence is attractive. Men like women who can stand up for themselves and their beliefs, someone who is sure about everything. Confidence also makes a woman look smart and intelligent.

Be friendly with him and everyone you come in contact with

Make friends with everybody especially your guy. Being friends with everybody gives him an impression that you are a nice person. Just be sure you're not faking it, as he will know in no time that you're just pretending. So if you're playing nice and friendly, do it sincerely.

Make him notice you all the time

Be remarkable always that even if you are in a crowd your beauty and personality will still stand out. In short, be outstanding-always. Impress your man with your wit. Be bubbly and funny as well. Choose the right person who you want to go out with. Know him well before you follow these pieces of advice. And as you get to know him, you'll better be able to set the scheme to get him to be more interested in you.

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