How to Get Closer to a Guy You Like! Here Are the Right Tools You Absolutely Need to Get Closer

Published: 10th August 2010
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To be able to succeed in today's dating world, you have to be different! Nothing is impossible for a woman who wants to be successful and is willing to do all it takes. Getting intimate with a guy you like is no big deal. All you need are some pointers that will make you irresistible. Take a look at these tips and you will succeed.

Learn to take certain risks
To get closer to a guy means that you have to take certain risks. You can't sit in a corner and expect him to come to you and get to know you better. It means that you have to be out there in the middle of the social scene. Get ready to be bold and daring.

Burst that security bubble around you
This means that you have to get out and go to the places where the guy you like most likely hangs out. It means that you have to do things to catch his attention. Look gorgeous and stunning. He has to find it hard to take his eyes off you. Once you have his attention - you can take it from there!

Become friends with his friends
It is easier to become close to him if you become his friend. Once you belong to the same friend circle, you automatically get to see each other more. It is easy to get invited to the same parties, dance together, spend more time with each other etc. These are opportunities that should not be wasted!

Play favorites
You can both single him out and pay him a lot of attention so that he gets a clear message that you like him, or you can play favorites and make him jealous. Either way, you will come to know of his feelings towards you and can plan further.

Don't be complacent
Don't get slack and complacent when it comes to keeping his interest in you. The moment you get boring and predictable, his interest will wane and you could lose him for good. However this does not mean that you have to be on your toes and uptight around him all the time - relax!

Wrangle a date
The best way to get really close and intimate with the guy you like is to spend some time alone with him. This means you have to try and get him to ask you out on a date. This will help you to get romantic and even "touchy-feely" with the guy.

Be quick to read his signals
Don't be so preoccupied with how you are going to impress or attract him and miss out on reading the signals he has been sending you! Learn to read between the lines and see if he really likes you and is worth getting close to you. It is easy to sense and see if he is interested in getting close. Once you are sure - you can make plans accordingly.

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