How to Get Back an Ex Girlfriend No Matter What - 3 Must Know Tips You Shouldn't Miss

Published: 01st September 2010
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A lot of men want to know how to get back an ex girlfriend, but few succeed. Do you know why a lot of men fail to get back their ex girlfriends? Well, simply put, they fail because they do the exact opposite of what they should be doing after a breakup.

For instance, she told you she doesn't want to see you anymore, and then you start texting her like crazy, and calling her all the time. She turns her phone off, so you begin emailing her, or start showing up to places you think she might frequent in order to just "talk" to her.

In her mind, she is thinking "man, this guy is nuts! He is really desperate! I need to get away!"....

And that's exactly why you need to know how to get back your ex girlfriend, because you definitely don't want to do the WRONG thing here.

Read on to find out how you can get back your ex girlfriend no matter what...

Tip #1: How To Get Back An Ex Girlfriend When She is Ignoring Me?

She is ignoring you for a reason. Why is she ignoring you? Well as mentioned, it's probably because you have suddenly started acting highly desperate and needy. This scares her away, and literally would scare anyone away, because you are literally showing your worst side when you do this.

Instead, what you should be doing here, is the exact opposite. You should literally ignore her, and act as if you are moving on. This will give her the impression that she is no longer good enough or important enough in your life, and that will cause her to try and seek out your attention again.

Tip #2: How To Get Back An Ex Girlfriend When She Is Dating Someone Else?
Don't freak out and instantly act extremely jealous and possessive. Instead, date someone she knows. This will instantly get her attention on you, and no matter who she is with, she will start thinking about you again.

The idea of you with someone else will drive her nuts, because she will remember when she was the only one you wanted, and will feel enraged at the idea that she is now less than that, even though she has another man.

What will happen then, is you will find her trying to sabotage your new relationship, because she actually wants you back.

Tip #3: How To Get Back An Ex Girlfriend When She Dumped Me?

So let's say you weren't the one who rejected her. In fact, she dumped you. Now you are sitting there wondering why she dumped you, and you are trying hard to get her attention back.

But all you need to do now is act indifferent towards her and give her the impression that your life is better now without her. To do that, you can ignore her slightly, and avoid letting her have the same privileges she had when you were dating (such as getting back to her right away, or listening to some of her problems, or being there always when she needs you)... and you can also become really busy and happy.

When you appear to be busy, she will wonder why you are no longer giving her all of your attention, and especially when you appear to be happy, she will feel lonely suddenly and will want you back.

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