How to Get an Older Guy to Like You - The Top 3 Things Which Older Men Find Extremely Attractive

Published: 06th August 2010
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Many women are trying to find out how to get an older guy to like them, because frankly, they are more mature and just seem to know what they want. But how do you become the woman of his dreams, and how can you become the thing he wants? Read on to find out the top 3 things which will get an older guy to like you....

#3: Having Goals Aside From Him -

It is all fine and dandy to want a man, a relationship, or more, but the thing is older guys don't find it all too attractive when a woman has no other goals outside of a relationship.

What they are looking for, is a woman who is driven in her own way, and can give herself what she wants without always expecting Prince Charming to come in and solve all her problems and give her everything. They look for women who are driven enough to give themselves what they want outside of a man, and without a man FIRST.

#2: Being Able To Solve Your Own Problems -

A mature man will WANT you to stand on your own two feet, which also means being able to solve your problems on your own, or at least outside of asking another man to always fix things for you.

This is something older guys find extremely attractive and they will look for women who are able to solve their own problems, rather than the type of woman who may always ask her boyfriend to solve everything for her.

#1: Knowing What You Want -

Older men are ATTRACTIVE because they know what they want and they have direction in their life. They spent the time and effort to figure that out BEFORE meeting you, but, they also look for women who have done the same. What this means, is that you should know what you want in your own life first, before trying to get into a relationship with and older guy.

Most people will try and figure out what they want by looking at other people, and what other people want. For instance, someone may want to get married because they see that all of their friends and family are suddenly they feel at a loss because they don't have the same thing.

But, just because you aren't married right now, that does NOT mean that you need to get married tomorrow, or that you are even missing out on anything at all. For older guys, it is simply about knowing what you want and going for it, without the need for approval from anyone else, nor the need to simply do what everyone else is doing so that you fit in.

In the end, he will feel most attracted to a woman who has figured out what she wants outside of what society, her friends, or her parents are telling her to want. He will look for a woman who has spent the time to really think about what direction she wants her life to go in and what she will do to get to that final destination.

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