How to Get a Taken Guy? Here Are Some Real Great Tips to Easily Snag a Taken Guy & Make Him Want You

Published: 06th August 2010
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I will go ahead and concede that there were serious reservations about writing this piece. It skirts around those ideas such as morality and ethics o-SO precariously. However, if you have a little devil inside you and don't mind breaking up a possibly good relationship or marriage (not even to mention hurting the other woman), then by all means-be my guest and read on.

Be Informed
First things first, make sure he is indeed "into" you as you are in him-or, at the very least, that there is potential for him leaving his girlfriend/wife. Doing this may very well save yourself heartbreak (which is probably warranted anyways, given the context) and worlds of shame.

Light the Beacon
This does not mean shine the floodlight directly in his face. Start dropping him hints as to your attraction-keyword H-I-N-T-S. Act like you have a hard time finding guys to go out with (in an almost jokingly way, but not quiet). Try the time-tested batting-of-the eye tactic-let him catch your gaze a few times and each time batting your eyes away, while doing it in a playful, even sensuous manner.

Keep the focus on You
It can be greatly beneficial to your long-term sanity to let him talk about his current significant other. With this information, you can determine the level of commitment he has towards her, and how good or bad their relationship really is. Obviously it's going to be much more preferable if it leans more to the "not too committed" and "not too good" side than the committed and infatuated with her side.

Once you have gotten the scoop on his current relationship, move on. Try to keep the other woman out of the conversation as much as possible. Talk about both of your interests, and try to find some rapport whilst in your man-robbing mode (insert evil grin here).

Drop a veiled invitation to him
This is especially slightly-evil and cunning. Use something to the effect of "There's this one guy who I find just irresistible, but I can't have him" or "This stud, he's like the most incredible person I've ever met, but unfortunately, he's in another relationship".

A word to the Wise
Although some women can be highly unpredictable--and can turn from nice and sweet to Satan's wife in a heartbeat-do everything in your power to "check-up" on miss so and so. Make it a point to see if she she's a highly possessive, highly jealous lady. If so, you just may want to move on to the next guy-as you are only asking for worlds of pain, stress and even violence.
Hell really does hath no the old saying goes. Believe it.

Learn the tell-tale signs
Before laying the charm on too thick, make sure that he isn't giving off too many signs of being uncomfortable (sweaty hands, not maintaining good eye contact, does not seem remotely happy to be around you, etc).

Lure him in, but leave plenty of slack on the pole
While you're flirting and having fun with him, he should be doing the same-at least somewhat. You need to "push him to his limits" (meaning laying on the signals and stopping just short of saying "leave your girlfriend or wife") or when he is appearing to become uneasy-or whichever comes first.

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