How to Get a Popular Guy to Like You! Here is the Shortcut to Getting Him to Notice You Quick

Published: 11th August 2010
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Do you think that it is impossible for you to catch the eye of a popular guy? He may be cute and sexy, very popular with the girls, but that does not mean that you can't get him to take a liking to you! Here are some tips that will help you to build your self confidence and get Mr. Popular to like you.

Don't pay him too much attention
He is used to getting all the attention from the girls. Most probably he has a bevy of girls around him whenever you catch sight of him. Don't let this faze you or intimidate you. In fact give him the cold shoulder. It will immediately make him notice you. It will make you different and he will be attracted to you.

Smile at him warmly
Let him see that you genuinely like him. Smile that sweet sexy smile that makes him feel special. A smile can work wonders and open the floodgates of love. Make friends with him and don't push for anything more - it works.

Be a buddy and join in his interests
Being a part of his passions, hobbies and interests will help you to share some precious and memorable moments together. This way, he will get to know you better. However don't get too close as familiarity breeds contempt. Let him know just enough to make him curious about you.

Get rid of the competition
This obviously means that you have to dress better, look better, walk and talk better! Get yourself a complete make over and oust the competition. He has to notice you and like what he sees! So without wasting any time, get gorgeous.

Be bold and confident
It's not enough just looking terrific and sexy! You have to carry it off with a lot of aplomb! Your self confidence is going to act like a magnet. Use it to bring him to you. Be bold enough to keep his interest strong and pulsating.

Be around
Hang out with him and his friends. Just when he notices that you are so attractive and interesting, pay more attention to someone else. Better still; stop hanging out with them for a little while. This will make him miss you. When you rejoin the gang - take care to look sensational. He will love you!

Show off your talents
Everyone knows that a talent needs to be shown off instead of being buried. Whatever talents you have, make sure the guys notices and sees you shine. Your personality and charisma will make you likeable and attractive.

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