How to Get a Man to Marry You! Here Are the Tricks Which Will Make Him Naturally Want to Marry You

Published: 10th August 2010
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If you were able to snag a man's heart away, the next thing you need to do is get him to marry you. Here are some simple steps you can follow:

Show your interest in him and the things that he does

Showing intimate interest could help a lot. Tell him how much you want him for a husband. If your guy feels how much you want him it's not hard for him to reach the decision of marrying you. Make him realize how many things you have in common and how hard you try at liking all the things that make him happy.

Let him know

Be straightforward; tell him you want to be married to him soon. There's nothing wrong about saying that you want to marry him. Who knows, he might think about it and propose to you sooner.

Set no conditions

Don't give him the idea that you love him just because of some certain things that he does for you or gives you. More so, don't let him think that you're only in it for his wealth or fame. You should let him see that your love is unconditional. This will give him the assurance that you will not leave him during tough times.

Be prepared

Show him you're prepared to settle down and have a family. Getting married is not only about planning a grand wedding-it's a lot more than that. It's about having children and rearing them. It's about building your very own family. Make him feel you are ready for these things.

Convey your trust

A man wants to have a woman for a wife only if he feels that she has complete trust and faith in him. If you can trust him for whatever decisions that he will make or would always believe in him no matter what, then it would be likely that you will entice him to marry you.

Don't choke him out

Let him know that although you will be bonded by marriage it will not be a reason for you to curtail him to do things he usually does. Assure him that he can still play basketball with his buddies once a week or spend time with his friends. Let him know you are not going to keep him from doing these things once you're married.

Ask him

If after all these measures he has not proposed yet, then be the one to ask him. He might say yes. But if he says you two still need time to prepare for it, then let it be so. At least he will know your desire about being married; who knows, he might think about it again or prepare himself for that big day.

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