How to Get a Man to Like You After He Backed Away! Use This & Watch Him Chase You Yet Again

Published: 10th August 2010
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Everyone knows that to enjoy a real good relationship with someone, one has to put in a lot of effort and make sure that the love and interest grows. Sometimes, your bad behavior does not give a relationship the chance to even start! If you have started out on the wrong foot, here are ways to make amends and get a man interested again.

Have no fear of rejection
Just because he's backed away does not mean that you give up on the idea of dating him. Don't let this initial "rejection" get you down and depressed. You will never be able to attract him again. Instead be all the more determined to get him attracted to you again. This is the right attitude to have.

Prove him wrong
You have got to prove him wrong, by becoming the most attractive and interesting woman he has ever met. Make him realize that he has made the biggest blunder backing away! You can do this by working on your overall appearance for a start and looking sexy and beautiful.

Be scintillating and elusive
Don't stop giving the social world a twirl! Get out there and get popular. Let him see you having the time of your life and more important being chased by other men. Ignore him for a while and speak to him only when you have to. This will make him realize that his backing away from you did not have an effect on you at all.

Have a stunning personality
Be self confident, assured and independent. These are traits that are admirable in a woman and sure to catch his interest. It is easy to become popular with the opposite sex once you have a charming and charismatic personality. This will make him wonder why he backed away!

Right the wrong
It is obvious that you did something wrong that pushed him away. Identify this weakness or fault in you and correct it immediately. If you were too pushy, then stop being so controlling and aggressive - it is obvious that he hates the type! Back off and just be friendly and sweet!

Be accountable for your mistakes
Acknowledge your faults and make sure that he knows that you regret your actions. Once you do that, make as if you are getting on with your life and are moving on. This will make him admire the fact that you were courageous and honest enough to admit to your faults. He will see a new appealing side of you that will interest him all over again.

Let him see what he is missing
Go out of your way to come across as the most exciting, attractive and gorgeous creature around. Once he sees how much fun you can be and how he lost the opportunity to share your company, he will definitely have regrets!

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