How to Get a Man to Commit to Marriage! Here is the Easy & Fast Way You Can't Miss at All

Published: 01st September 2010
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Most men fear commitment more than anything else in the world and you should try to find out if your man simply hates commitment. If he does not hate commitment then you can use these moves to slowly pull him into holy matrimony.

Here are some moves on how to get a man to commit to marriage.

Do not rush him towards the altar Most men like to take their own sweet time before they say yes to marriage. If you try to rush your man towards the altar then he will only revolt and run away. You should behave normally with him even as you get closer to him day after day.

Remove all doubts Your man might try to test the waters before entering them. He might express doubts on whether the marriage might work out indirectly by quoting problems faced by other close couples. You can try to reassure your man with solid facts so that he opens up to the thought of marriage without any fear.

Reassure your man that you will not force him to change Men often feel that once they are married their wives will nag them to change. You can reassure your man that you are happy with him simply as he is and will not force him to change in any way.

Become indispensable Once you start helping your man in certain ways he is sure to become dependent on you. You should make your man realize in a humble manner that you have become indispensable. Once he realizes this fact then he will not want to lose you to another man and will happily commit to marriage.

Do not lose your posture or your confidence Your man might not agree to marry you in a day. It might take time to turn his mind around to marriage. In the meantime do not lose your posture or confidence since this will only result in fights. Let your man admire your calm and confident demeanor as this will increase feelings of togetherness and compel him to contemplate marriage.

Play down the mental importance of marriage If you are in a serious relationship and are living together then play down the mental importance of marriage. Convince your man that marriage is a piece of paper with legal standing that will simply make you feel much more comfortable. Your man might agree to your point of view and walk the walk with you.

Show him happily married people To drive your point home subtly, you can take your man along when you visit a happily married aunt, uncle or grandparents. Your man might just get impressed with the thought of living happily with you in holy matrimony and pop the question on the way back.

These moves will melt any resistance from your man and get him to happily commit to marriage. Use them and watch your man say "I do" happily at the altar of love.

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