How to Get a Man to Call You Again? It All Gets Real Easy Once You Understand What You Must Do

Published: 01st September 2010
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Some women often complain that once men go out they never call them back. In their desperation they call the men who blow them off with vague excuses. It's so humiliating to be blown off that way but if you approach men correctly then you can be assured that he will call you back the next day. Here are a few ways to get a man to call you once again.

Stimulate by appearance
When you meet a guy you have to stimulate by appearance. Dress nicely but not too provocatively. You have to leave something to imagination and not dish everything out on a platter.

Wear a dazzling smile
Your smile speaks a lot of you. So smile and make the person with you warm and comfortable. But don't go on smiling like a loony! Let your smile reach your eyes and let your man feel that he is making you feel good.

Have a positive attitude
Being confident and having a positive attitude is crucial in keeping a man hooked on to you. Be a self assured and confidant woman who is in control of herself and her life. So keep your chin up and unhesitatingly have a good time.

Be a witty conversationalist
Let your confidence reflect in your conversation. Being able to laugh and make others laugh is a great trait which is appreciated by everyone especially men. So laugh at his jokes and keep your conversation light and witty. Brush up on your sports knowledge if you really want to impress a man. He needs to feel that he is with a woman with whom he can have a great time and "even" talk sports.

Be coy
Being coy is a trait that is fast getting extinct and no matter how much women's lib we cry out, a man still loves a coy woman. So, while you flirt intelligently, smile and blush when you are given a compliment or when you are appreciated.

Be attentive
The biggest complaint that men have against women is that women just don't listen! Women are big talkers and go on and on without a care about the other person. You must learn to listen to your man and put a lid on every time you feel you are talking too much. Let the conversation be a two way street and not a one way.

Give him the chase
If you want to keep a man hooked and call you then you have to give him the chase. The minute you make yourself completely available to the man he loses all interest in you. So, no matter how tempted you are and no matter how great a time you are having, your evening should end at the door.

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