How to Get a Man to Adore You - The Top 10 Mesmerizing Tricks to Get a Man to Adore and Crave You!

Published: 06th August 2010
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Imagine being able to have the power to get a man to adore you. Or how about knowing how to get a man to adore AND crave you? You see, the tools you are about to discover are powerful attraction devices which will instantly make any man become extremely hooked to you. But, I caution you to use them with care, because once you do, he will never want to leave you!

Read on to find out the top 10 mesmerizing tricks to get a man to adore and crave you...

#10: Be Honest - No one likes deception, and it's a turn off to men if you can't be honest before the relationship is even serious. BUT, it's even more of a turn off if you can't even be honest once he has started to consider committing to you (IE: he wants to date you or is already dating you), because it makes him feel like you are not serious, are wasting his time, and are abusing his trust.

#9: Handle Your Problems - Don't be the girl who always asks others for help when solving her problems. Instead be the woman who takes care of herself and can stand on her own two feet, as that is what most men find utterly attractive.

#8: Don't Hate Yourself - Most women make the mistake of telling a man everything she is insecure about, and every part of her body that she hates. When you do this, he will think that you don't like yourself, and therefore will become insecure about you too.

He wants you to be confident about yourself and to like your body and other attributes as much as he does. Remember that the more confident you are in yourself, the more confident he will be in you and thus the more he will adore you.

#7: Respect Yourself - Some women will become offended when men do certain things around her, but will still put up with it anyway. To a man, this is self-disrespect, and is unattractive. Thus, instead of allowing anyone to do anything to you, put up boundaries and maintain them so that he feels you are a high quality woman.

#6: Have Goals Outside Of The Relationship - It's nice that you like him and think he is your world, but this scares him, because he wants you to be somewhat independent. He wants you to be able to have goals outside of him and the relationship, because he wants you to be happy and wants you to pursue something completely unique to you as an individual.

#5: Listen To Him Without Judgment - Instead of hearing him out and then arguing with him the next second on why he is wrong or how he is doing something incorrect...simply just listen and accept what he is saying. Like women, men sometimes just need to be heard or have someone understand them, so lay off the judgments if you truly want him to adore and crave you.

#4: Be Less Dramatic - If every single time you encounter a problem in your life you react very dramatically, he is going to think that you are immature and cannot handle things in your life very well. Show maturity by being less dramatic and by taking more responsibility for your problems when they arise, rather than simply complaining or whining.

#3: Understand Him - Listening to him does NOT mean you understand him. What he wants is for you to truly get what he means, and to also ACT upon that understanding. So if he is asking for some space or simply for some quiet time, don't start arguing with him because you think you did something wrong, or because you think something is wrong, but rather give him the benefit of the doubt and some time alone.

You will find that he is more receptive to this and will appreciate it. Remember that when a man feels understood by a woman, he will always be mesmerized by her as well, because it means he doesn't always have to explain himself to her, and it also means fewer misunderstandings or hurt feelings.

#2: Give Him Positive Approval - Instead of arguing with him and always telling him his downfalls, talk more about his positive attributes. Let him know that he is handsome, intelligent, worthwhile, useful, appreciated etc... as every human being is seeking approval somewhere because they want to be ACCEPTED. So make him feel accepted and let him know exactly what you love about him, as this will make him feel satisfied and at ease around you.

#1: Talk Less And Do More - If you really want to make a man utterly adore you and never want to leave you, you should make sure that your ACTIONS outweigh your words. What this means is that when you say you are going to do something, follow through with it. And, instead of just dreaming about what could be, go out and get it as this will make both him and you happy in the end, and will make a successful relationship.

Also, the more you do this, the less either of your expectations will be broken, because both of you will be working towards things, rather than just talking about it.

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