How to Get a Man Interested After He Has Shown Disinterest - This Will Make Him Change His Mind

Published: 10th August 2010
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It can be quite frustrating when a man expresses some interest in you initially and then for no reason backs away. We let this go most of the time but if this is becoming a pattern with you or if you really like this guy then it's time to get into action and get him back.

Don't appear desperate for his attention
Never make a man feel like you are in need of his attention. If he backed away make him feel like it is ok and that you are too busy and too mature to pay attention to these small and insignificant issues. When you see him simply give him a smile and nothing more. He needs to know that you hold no grudges but are not a desperate woman.

Be the person that you are
Don't change for anyone. You cannot go about changing who you really are every time you suffer a setback. If you carry on that way then you will begin to suffer from an identity crisis and that is not going to help you in getting the guy you like. Be confident about yourself and love yourself for what you are and not for what you should be or want to be.

Make a casual approach
After some time has passed when you see the guy you like, say hello and smile. Open the doors to a conversation by making the first move. He will be a little resilient at first but you have to be patient and resilient but not aggressive. Keep to the small hellos till he automatically looks at you and smiles himself.

Show him that you have no hidden agenda
When he begins to warm up to you, you need to start the conversation process. Take you conversations beyond the hello phase and make him feel like you have no hidden agenda. Make him comfortable in your presence and dispel that doubt of hard feelings that he might be having. Show him your large heartedness.

Offer to be just friends
Tell him that you would like to become friends once again as it is fun hanging out together and you enjoy his company. If you make it seem completely harmless he will relent and you will be on track to get him interested. After this you have to focus on having a great time together.

Get to the cause
Through means of casual conversation try to find out what happened that he backed off. Make it seem like you are asking because you want to improve as a person and as a friend his opinion matters.

Show him the real you
Once you know what his problem is or was, set out to show him how wrong he was in his perception. Soon you will find that he is interested in you again.

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