How to Get a Man Addicted to You! Here Are the Sure Fire Tricks to Get Him Addicted to You Fast

Published: 01st September 2010
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Women wonder if there is a magic formula or an ingredient that can make them into a man magnet! The truth is that any woman can have an attractive personality that will attract the opposite sex. People will adore you and love you if you take care to apply certain principles to your life. Learn how to get a man addicted to you!

This has got to do with you - not them
This means that you have to know who you are and what you are capable of. Be self confident and positive about your plans and goals to make your man addicted to you. Make sure you are ready to give your project the time it needs and change those aspects that need to be changed and you will be successful.

Let him see your worth
To do this, you have to become indispensable to him! If you give him all the love he needs, the attention he deserves and the appreciation from your heart, he will get used to having you around. Prove to him that you are all he will ever need and he won't be able to do without you.

Be there for him
If a man sees that his woman is always there - in good times and in bad - he will come to appreciate her even more. A time will come when he finds that he is addicted to her. Make sure you are there to support him always and he won't be able to do without you.

Satisfy his basic needs
If you satisfy his needs he will always come back for more. Be unselfish and giving and he will never want to look else where! Once you are confident of your man's satisfaction with you, you will automatically relax and give him even more!

Capture his heart
Be genuine and honest with your man if you want to have his undying love and attention. Surprisingly it is not beauty or looks that can get you your man's heart but it is honesty and authenticity that will make him addicted to you.

Respect him
This means that you have to respect his need for space and time alone. If your man knows that you trust him and are ready to give him the breathing space he needs then he will not only consider himself as the luckiest guy around but he will trust you back. This respect and trust will make him addicted to you.

Draw him to you
Specific words and actions you can say or do can draw your man closer to you and bring the intimacy between you to a higher level. This is truly addictive and will make him fall deeply in love with you.

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