How to Get a Guy's Phone Number! Super Easy Ways to Get a Guy's Phone Number Real Fast

Published: 06th August 2010
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Put yourself in this scenario where you see an awesome guy and you just couldn't let the chance pass without even getting his phone number, what should be your tactics and how will these be implemented to get to your goal? There is this infamous pick-up line that has been so overused over the years:

Hey, handsome! I lost my number, can I have yours?

It's been used, reused, recycled, over time and it doesn't sound any cooler to ask for his number in that way. The following are some tips one can use to get that awesome guy's phone number:

Get his attention
Look at him once in awhile and try to catch his gaze. Once you get on eye to eye contact with him, give him a cute smile or maybe nod at him to signal that you have some interest on him.

Walk to him and get acquainted
Initiating the contact shows confidence. Introducing yourself is a great start to have a social conversation with him.

Keep the conversation flowing
This is the point where you can build rapport. Try to catch his thoughts and talk on issues that he won't be bored with. Pick-up lines are quite unnecessary. Compliments will do and be candid when you deliver them; it will make him think you're cute and fun to be with.

Show interest and that you are enjoying his company
A way to do this is to flirt with him. This will really show that you're interested and it gives a boost to their ego knowing that somehow, they are doing the right thing, saying the right words that will keep you enlivened the whole time.

Invite him to go out some time and ask for his number
If he doesn't like giving out his number then do not demand for it. Stay confident and think that it's not your loss but his. If he does, however, willingly give his number, then it only means you've done well in catching his fancy.

Know his circle of friends
You may have common acquaintances from whom you can a casually ask for his number (if you are too shy to ask it directly from him).

Before ending the conversation, tell him that you had a great time and would want to converse with him some more
Then smoothly add your intention of keeping in touch and then ask for his number. Or give him your number and ask him to let your phone ring to see if he got yours correctly, and voila! You now have his number.

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