How to Get a Guy to Realize You Want to Kiss! Real Effective Ways to Make Him Realize It

Published: 09th August 2010
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It is believed that kissing is more intimate than sexual intercourse itself. If you want to be kissed by a guy but are hesitant to be the one to initiate it, then here are tips that would make any guy reach for those pouty lips:

Show a greater amount of intimacy.
If you want to be kissed, you have to prep your guy for the act. Get closer and you raise the chances that he would reach for you and kiss longingly. When you're out on a date with him, make sure that you brush his arm or gently touch his knee when you talk.

Lean closer and win a kiss!
If you're acting aloof or distant whenever you go out, then don't think that he would initiate a kiss. In order to give him the idea that you really want to lock lips with him, then lean as close as you can when you're directly across him. This should be a sufficient go signal for him.

Whisper sweet-nothings.
As he hears your low, sexy voice whispering into his ear, then he would be more inclined to feel aroused. Make sure that the things you whisper to him are also suggestive of the act that you would want to accomplish. Softly tell him that you're attracted to him, and he would surely go gaga over you.

Touch his nape.
This is the 21st century so you can be stronger sex. Go ahead and gently hold the end of his hair. Make sure that you're doing gentle strokes and not rough handling. As you do this, there is just no way that he would resist kissing you!

Highlight that goodbye kiss at the doorstep.
As he walks you towards the door to your place, make sure that you finally get to kiss him by lingering at the gate. Don't go in and say goodbye right away. Instead, invite him for a cup of coffee. If he says yes, you might get more than just kissing!

Never rush the act.
Timing is the key to getting that blissful kiss. Don't become too intimate from the onset or he would feel that you're too easy to get. Don't act so distant as well or he would think that you don't want him at all. You will feel when it is time to kiss-just trust your gut feel.

Create a romantic mood.
If he wants to have dinner with you, make it more special by cooking a special meal for him instead. You can light some scented candles and play romantic music. The mood should be sufficient to make him reach out and kiss you.

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