How to Get a Guy to Need You! Here Are the Secrets to Making a Man Truly Cling to You

Published: 06th August 2010
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If you love your man so much, it is natural for you to feel afraid as well. The most common fear of loving someone so much is that someday, he might leave you. You shouldn't be afraid of this scenario when you know that your guy needs you so bad and that it is impossible for him to even be away from you for too long. Here are some tips in order to make your man need you always.

Be the best listener in his life

There are so many things going on in his life that he needs a confidante to able to share all his feelings. If you make yourself available to listen to him all the time, from his simple ranting to the heavier problems in his life, then there is a slim chance of him leaving you behind since he needs you.

Be there for him throughout the good and the bad times

Do not just be there when things are going great for him. Be there during the bad times, times wherein he needs you more. He will appreciate your presence in his life more, especially that you are always by his side.

Have a good sense of humor...and never lose it

Your man would always want you in his life, especially if you are so easy to be with. No one would want somebody in their life who couldn't even laugh or smile at their jokes. Show your sense of humor at all times and just laugh at all the ridiculous challenges that may come your way.

Bring joy in his life by being fun and adventurous

A man needs someone in his life who would never be boring, who would always be game at anything. Be that person who is fun and who is willing to try out anything. This way, your man would never grow tired of being with you.

Be a source of everything positive

Your man would always need you around when you are always there to tell him things are going to be alright. Be a source of reinforcement and of encouragement so that he would never feel down about himself. Let him know that he can always stand up when things aren't going so well and that you are always by his side to help him.

Show how much you care about him

Be the best girl in his life by taking care of him. Be there when he needs someone who can show him love and kindness.

Work on being the most beautiful woman he's laid eyes on

Do not forget that you also need to take good care of yourself. Do not forget about yourself nor take yourself for granted. Always be beautiful for your man and for sure, he wouldn't want any other woman in his life.

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