How to Get a Guy to Marry You! Here is the Game Plan You Must Follow to Get Him to Marry You

Published: 01st September 2010
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Getting a guy to have fun with you is quite easy but getting him to marry you might require much more effort as guys usually develop cold feet and frozen minds when it comes to saying "I do."

Instead of burning silently in the cauldron of frustration, you can use these tips to bring your guy down on one knee.

Radiate happiness and confidence. Rather than forcing your guy to get attracted to you for life, turn into a magnet of joy. Radiate happiness and confidence so that your guy himself starts to think that he wants to bask in your halo of happiness for life.

Inform him that exclusivity has to lead to commitment. You should inform your guy that you are exclusively dating him since you are sincere in your love and want the relationship to lead to the altar.

This will dispel all notions of simply having fun without commitment from his mind and make him seriously consider marriage in the future.

Take him to a wedding of a close friend. You can also take him to a wedding of a close friend so that he too can see the love in the eyes of the just-married couple. Warm thoughts will envelop his mind as he begins to envision a life of matrimony with you.

Get a life. Instead of waiting impatiently for his answer, get a life. Develop a hobby, visit your own friends or get busy in your job. Your guy will be impressed with your confidence and will also worry secretly that you could leave him anytime if you choose to.

Retain your dignity. Your guy might resist initially and try your patience. But it is important to remember that you should retain your dignity. Do not hit him below the belt or utter words that you might regret later or harm the relationship forever.

Understand his viewpoint and counter it with your own until he gets comfortable with your line of thought.

Retain your sexiness. Do not let the mental pressure get under your eyes in the form of dark circles or show on your body. Being sexy is all about being happy and confident, and you should retain it to keep your guy attracted to you even in the face of this challenge.

Keep the option of walking out open. Even if you want to spend the rest of your life with your guy, indicate to him that you have kept the option of walking out open. This will ensure that he does not take you for granted while the fear of losing you forever will remain in his mind just as it has been in yours.

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