How to Get a Guy to Kiss You! Here is the Right Way to Hint Him and Make Him Kiss You Fast

Published: 09th August 2010
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You've made it to a date. Your guy seems to be interested and seems to be having a good time. The conversation is flowing and you are both at ease with each other. You have shared some good stories and a laugh or two. You are having the time of your life and you want a small physical gesture for reassurance. A few things that you do can bring that kiss closer to you.

Let Your Interest be Known

The "Kiss Me" button may be a bit too direct. If you are having a good time, let him know it. You don't have to hint at future meetings or plan the next ten weekends together. A simple statement that lets him know you are enjoying his company can keep him from playing the guessing game all night. Bring it up rather casually and do not act as if a response in return is needed. This makes it more sincere.


Share those pearly whites and painted lips with him. A smile works for two reasons. The first is that conveys happiness and enjoyment. The second reason is that it draws attention to your mouth, which happens to be where your lips reside. When your lips are pulled up into a smile or agape in a laugh, your guy will notice them and begin to pay attention to them more often. People often reciprocate smiles which makes them feel at ease and more comfortable and confident.

Body Space

If you remain at a conservative distance, the logistical planning in kiss execution can be hard to plan. Hopefully if you are having a good time, you will want to be closer to him physically. You may find that you are touching his hand often or are sitting a bit closer. What needs to be closer to him is your face. Find something to tell him that requires you to lean in a bit closer to his ear. If you can hold this position for enough time, he may get the courage up to move in.

Kissing is often initiated when an emotional connection is made. The best laid plans for a kiss are often scenes only perfected in movies. Make the emotional connection first and let him know that you like to be in his presence. A natural smile that happens often eases tension in both of you. Be expressive in your comfort with physical closeness. That kiss may be just around the corner.

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