How to Get a Good Looking Guy - Here Are the Tricks You Should Know to Get a Good Looking Guy

Published: 01st September 2010
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Every girl dreams of getting a guy who looks "hot". Unfortunately for some it just stays a dream and does not become a reality. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to get all the great looking boys interested in you? It is possible to learn how to get a good looking boyfriend. Just read the tips below.

Have the right mindset
Your attitude has to be right. Don't go out there ogling the handsome hunks like they are gods and you are a "nobody"! Have a positive and optimistic attitude. Remember it is possible to get a good looking guy and rise up to the challenge with everything you have got!

Build confidence in your self
You have to love yourself first. Once you do this the rest will follow. Check out your positive features and boost them even further. Like if you have lovely hair - get a hairstyle that really boosts your image up a few notches. Get a new wardrobe and look sexy and beautiful.

Stop being nervous around the guy
Be brave and impress him. Don't get intimidated around him just because he looks good. Be aggressive and show him that you are not afraid to speak your mind. He will find you different from all the adoring girls around him.

Flirt with him
How can he take notice of a girl who just sits pretty and does not send him any signals? Do your bit and make eye contact with him. Concentrate on having a great time and give all the guys equal attention without singling him out. Once he intercepts that sexy smile he will automatically flirt back!

Learn the right moves
You want to show the guy that you too have something special. Learn how to dance and set the floor on fire with your moves! A girl who dances well will automatically attract attention. He will want to know more about you.

Get to know the dude better
Don't be taken in by his looks. He could be boring and predictable. A guy who has a terrific personality and charisma can come across as the most attractive person in the room. Get to know him better before you try to hook him.

Play cool and laid back
Don't drool all over the guy. He will be put off if you appear to be too needy, clingy and desperate. The more you ignore the guy and pay attention to his friends, the more he will want to know why he doesn't seem to cut it with you!

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