How to French Kiss a Guy! Real Good Information on How to French Kiss a Guy Effectively

Published: 06th August 2010
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If you find the idea of swapping spit gross, then you are probably not ready to French kiss. If you are excited about the prospect and have someone in mind, then you may want to read on to learn more about how to French kiss a guy. These things can help make you feel less nervous and to get ready to have a great kissing experience.

Make Your Breath Pretty - Brush often and after you eat, especially if you eat on the date where you think that you will French kiss. You can take breath strips and a portable tooth brush. No one wants to kiss someone with yucky breath.

Tongues - Slowly darting your tongue to the front of your mouth and touching his lips and tongue softly is a good way to start. If he has already done so, then open a little more to show him that you are ready too.

Sensual and Easy - Let him take the initiative and be the main kisser. Respond in kind by slowly moving your tongue with his. If he gets too forceful or seems to be about to push you into more than you want to, it is a must that you stop him. If he really likes you and respects you, he will stop; if not, then the date should end. If you like what he is doing, the following will help make the kiss even better.

Do Not Forget Touch - Guys like to be touched too; this includes soft and sexy touches. It will be awkward if you do not also touch him if you are enjoying the kiss. Holding your hands gently around his neck and rubbing the back of his hair is a good move. Or you can put your arms around his back and rub softly.

Close Your Eyes - Do not forget to keep your eyes closed after the kiss starts and through the whole kiss. If he catches you staring, he will probably think you are weird. To is okay to sometimes like eyes while kissing when you are being romantic after you have been dating a while. Closing your eyes while it is all new will also help you concentrate and relax and enjoy the moment.

Easy Does It - Do not bite. This is something reserved for a little freaky later on if that is what you are both into. Most guys will not take kindly to you biting their lip the first time they French kiss you.

Remember to Breathe - Breathe normally through your nose. This will help you to relax more. If you hold your breath, you are liable to freak out when you realize it.

These tips are things to use to make sure that you feel more comfortable to get ready for your first French kiss.

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